About Us

My first shingle was hung in Eastchester, August, 1991. The firm has enjoyed steady growth since that time. We truly give personal attention to all of your tax and accounting needs. It is for that reason, coupled with our strong accounting and tax knowledge, that our customers have been referring friends and family for 20 years. 

In the early years, a friend who was an attorney, came to my office to give me some simple work. He told me about a 12 year old who’s Dad had passed away leaving the young man approximately $120,000 in annuities. A guardian was in place and the protection of the assets was being handled. The service I was asked to provide was straightforward.  I was hired to prepare the annual accounting to the surrogate’s court, showing that funds were being handled appropriately. The courts had already decided that the money would be distributed from the annuities. I agreed to provide the annual accounting. First I asked why they were making him take the money at that time, when it would be most expensive. The attorney was surprised by my comment. I explained that a 12 year old is subject to his parents income tax rate. I showed the attorney that if he could instead take the distributions over a number of years, he would have a little more paperwork, and a lot more money. I created a detailed plan showing the tax savings and submitted it to the court house. The courts agreed with me.

I learned something from that situation. I learned that there are professionals who do what is being asked of them, and they collect a fee. There are others who think about the situation and when possible, suggest better ways to handle things. It comes naturally to me, to see the situation from the clients’ perspective and think of the best possible scenario. That ability often results in tax savings beyond those realized by the average accountant.

We are not average. We think outside of the set of facts being given. We save our clients money. We always have. It’s what we do!

When I moved to my current location in 2007, it was a client who suggested that my sign read “Personal attention given to all of your tax and accounting needs.” I didn’t write that line, my client did. My clients know that I care, and that I want to serve them the best way possible.

For 20 years, I have taken a personal interest in my clients, thinking to myself if this was my brother or sister, how would I want somebody to treat them. I treasure my ability to put myself in my clients shoes to figure out the best possible scenario.  I am proud to say that my business has grown from referrals since the first sign was hung in 1991. 

We serve our clients, we don’t just do paperwork, we think of the client.

-Kerry Molloy Bertoldi



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